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The Three-Move Glute Activation Sequence Every Runner Should Know


The Three-Move Glute Activation Sequence Every Runner Should Know

Before a run or workout, a Barry's trainer demonstrates how to wake up your glutes. He then includes two strength workouts for good measure.

Strengthening the glutes, the largest muscle group in the body, is crucial for runners because they stabilize the pelvis and have a significant impact on movement.

You'll be able to run with more force if you strengthen your glutes, and it will also help you stay injury-free.

But it's not always as simple as you'd think to target particular muscles throughout your workouts.

Weight training may not be adequate to fully engage the muscles if you have restricted mobility or tightness in the area you want to target.

Runner Should Know

Since runners frequently have tight lower bodies, it's a good idea to engage your glutes before starting any specific glute exercises to increase strength.

"It's best to activate the glutes before lower-body exercises or running because this helps strengthen weaker parts of the body and helps with imbalances in the body," advises Lucy Usher, a trainer at Barry's UK.

Stretching the lower back and hip flexors will also help because tension there may be the cause of the glutes not firing during exercises.

How do you activate all 3 glutes?

To create a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, raise your hips off the ground. Squeeze your butt and tuck your pelvis back.

To further engage your glutes, extend your knees out into the band. Perform 2-3 sets of 6–8 reps each while maintaining this posture for 10 seconds.

How many glute activation exercises should I do?

The glute activation exercises you select from our list can be done in two to three rounds of eight repetitions if you're a novice.

Avoid performing all of the exercises on the same day because doing so will exhaust your glutes. Pick a handful and incorporate them into each of your strength training regimens.

Why don't my glutes fire when I run?

There are a number of causes for why your glutes could not be activating properly. The absence of muscular activation is the primary cause.

At BIM, we frequently observe a pattern of muscle imbalances that includes deep deficiencies in the gluteal and abdominal muscle groups along with tension in the back extensor and hip flexor musculature.