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Lewis Capaldi cancels all work commitments to ‘rest and recover’


Lewis Capaldi cancels all work commitments to ‘rest and recover’

On Monday, the 26-year-old singer posted on Instagram that he will be taking a break for his mental health.

"The time leading up to this new album has been such an amazing time, and seeing all of the support from everyone has been beyond anything I could ever dream of." Instagram photo by Lewis Capaldi.

However, the past few months have been extremely demanding on my physical and emotional health; I haven't spent quality time at home since Christmas, and right now I'm finding it difficult to cope. Instagram photo by Lewis Capaldi.

Lewis Capaldi cancels all work commitments to ‘rest and recover’

Why is Lewis Capaldi so famous?

The 26-year-old has already garnered a staggering number of honors over his career, including a Brit Award in 2020 for his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, which featured singles including "Somebody You Loved" and "Grace."

What happened with Lewis Capaldi?

Prior to his performance at the Glastonbury Festival, the Scottish singer claimed that he is battling "mentally and physically" and needs to recover.

Lewis Capaldi, a singer-songwriter, announced on social media that he will not be performing at a number of future events due to health reasons.

Where does the name Capaldi come from?

Italian surnames include Capaldi and its variation Capaldo. Originating in Southern Italy, the name. It could be related to the word "head" caput. The Capaldo family hails from Bisaccia in the Campania region of Irpinia.

Why does Lewis Capaldi move his shoulder?

It briefly worked. On the Jonathan Ross Show in October, Capaldi revealed that everytime he experiences a flare-up, his "left shoulder goes up like this" and his head jerks.

"People think I do cocaine frequently, but I don't!. I accept that I now serve as the spokesperson for Tourette's syndrome.

How much does it cost to hire Lewis Capaldi?

The Lewis Capaldi booking cost is determined by a number of factors, and the pricing range we give is only a ballpark estimate based on our historical performance as their agent.

Lewis Capaldi's booking fee often falls between $300,000 and $499,000.