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Iraq's Amir Albazi wins UFC Fight Night bout, moves to 17-1


Iraq's Amir Albazi wins UFC Fight Night bout, moves to 17-1

Los Angeles Amir Albazi of Iraq scored a decisive victory in the UFC's flyweight division on Saturday when he outlasted former championship contender Kai Kara-France by split decision.

In the UFC's Apex facility in Las Vegas, Albazi (17-1) defeated Kara-France (24-11) over the course of five competitive rounds. A third judge gave Kara-France a 48-47 victory over Albazi, while two judges gave Albazi a 48-47 victory.

It's Albazi's biggest victory in the UFC. He entered the 125-pound match ranked No. 7, while Kara-France was ranked No. 3.

Albazi called for the victor of the July 8 flyweight title battle between champion Brandon Moreno and Alexandre Pantoja as soon as the results were announced.

Iraq's Amir Albazi wins UFC Fight Night bout, moves to 17-1

Regarding what he wants next, Albazi said, "There is no name." "Getting the title is the only thing I desire.

 All that matters is that. Oct. 21 sees [UFC 294] in Abu Dhabi. They're moving to Abu Dhabi, I know that. I want to follow whoever prevails in that title fight on July 8th.

Albazi, an Iraqi native who now competes out of Las Vegas, has gone 5-0 since making his UFC debut in 2020.

Despite his reputation as a skilled ground finisher, Kara-France fared exceptionally well against takedowns, fending off eight out of nine attempts, according to UFC Stats.

Despite Albazi being more effective with his output, Kara-France of New Zealand outlanded Albazi 122 to 65 in total strikes while defending the takedown.

Although neither flyweight ever harmed the other, Albazi had a superior strike rate and gained some time in top position when he successfully converted a takedown in the third round.

The outcome of the fight was in doubt because it was so close. Winning gives Albazi a huge boost in his quest for the championship.

Between 2021 and 2022, Kara-France won three straight matches before losing to Moreno in an interim title match last July.

Before Saturday, Kara-France hadn't made an appearance since then. This is the first time since 2015 that he has lost two straight games.

Albazi stated, "I know it was a close fight. It wasn't how I had envisioned the conflict to end. What is, is what is.

I bravely demonstrated my character and what I can offer. I have no trouble standing with these people.

The 29-year-old Albazi has three finishes in his five UFC victories. In Las Vegas at UFC 290 next month, Moreno (21-6-2) will attempt to make his first championship defense against Pantoja.

In January at UFC 283, he defeated Deveison Figueiredo to claim the undisputed title.

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