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Fellow actors pay tribute after Hair star Treat Williams dies in motorcycle accident


Fellow actors pay tribute after Hair star Treat Williams dies in motorcycle accident

Treat Williams

On Monday night in Vermont, Williams was out biking when he collided with a car. 

According to a report from the Vermont State Police, preliminary investigations show that Williams was unable to escape the collision after the car turned into his path.

The actor died from his injuries after being taken to a hospital in Albany, New York.

There were only minor wounds on the other motorist.

Williams was renowned for his lengthy career as an actor in Hollywood, both on stage and in films.

In a statement on behalf of the Williams family, his longtime representative.

Treat Williams
treat williams
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"I'm absolutely inconsolable. He was a very kind person. He said, "He was very skilled.

He was a performer's performer.

"Movie makers adored him.

He has served as Hollywood's beating heart since the late 1970s.

Pam Van Sant, Williams' 35-year-old wife, and their two kids are left behind. 

Williams made his acting debut in the 1975 film Deadly Hero as a police officer.

Later, he played roles in over 120 TV shows and motion pictures, including The Eagle Has Landed, Prince of the City, and Once Upon a Time in America.

For his performance as hippy leader George Berger in the 1979 motion picture adaptation of the popular musical Hair, he received a Golden Globe nomination.

What is Treat Williams most famous for?

Williams, a seasoned Hollywood performer, initially gained notoriety in 1979's "Hair." Treat Williams, a seasoned performer best known for his parts in the WB series "Everwood" and the movies "Prince of the City" and "Hair," passed away on Monday in a motorbike accident, his agent Barry McPherson told ABC News.

Was Treat Williams in White Collar?

He added, "I want to highlight what an amazing treasure Treat Williams was both as an actor and a person. This is a tough one, and I don't like doing this on social media.

He jumped in and made every day on set enjoyable, and I was so grateful that he agreed to play my father on White Collar.

Who is Treat Williams wife?

Treat Williams has been backed by his wife the entire time he has had a successful Hollywood career. The actor, who starred in the films Everwood and Hair and passed away on June 12 at age 71, wed Pamela Van Sant in 1988.

They had two children together: son Gill was born in 1992, and daughter Ellie was born in 1998.

Is Treat Williams a real pilot?

He was a private pilot at the age of 21. Williams earned his commercial pilot's license from the FAA with an instrument rating, granting him access to single- and multi-engine aircraft as well as rotorcraft helicopters.

He is a type-rated pilot for Cessna Citation aircraft. He has a flight instructor certification as well.