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Billy Joel to End Madison Square Garden Residency In 2024


Billy Joel to End Madison Square Garden Residency In 2024

It's the last time Billy Joel will perform "New York State of Mind."

In 2024, the legendary performer at Madison Square Garden will leave his lengthy residency, he revealed. Joel announced his plan to end the record-breaking tenure in July 2024 at a news conference on Thursday, June 1 with New York Mayor Eric Adams. 

The "Piano Man" introduced the acclaimed program in 2014. After the final night, Joel would have performed at almost 150 events. More than 1.6 million tickets have been sold by the Grammy Award winner so far.

Billy Joel to End Madison Square Garden Residency In 2024

Is Billy Joel a Millionaire?

He started his career in the 1970s, and today he is among the best-selling musicians in the world. Over 160 million recordings have been sold globally by Joel.

Even after allegedly being defrauded of $90 million by his former manager and brother-in-law, Joel is still thought to be worth $225 million.

There is only one thing more New York than Billy Joel, according to Adams, and that is a Billy Joel performance at MSG. "Billy's music has shaped our city and bonded us for more than 50 years.

Congratulations, Billy, for a remarkable string of sold-out performances at MSG on behalf of 8.5 million New Yorkers. We also thank you for your lifetime of spreading joy to all of us.

Joel said he was pleasantly surprised by the residency and how long it actually lasted as he wrapped his brain around the exit.

How many kids does Billy Joel have?

Billy Joel has a daughter. With his then-wife, model Christie Brinkley, the singer gave birth to Alexa Ray Joel, a daughter, in 1985. She is now 36 years old.

He and his fourth wife, Alexis Roderick, welcomed Della Rose Joel, now 7 years old, in 2015, making him a parent once more.

On December 14, 1978, Joel gave his first performance there after 52nd Street, his sixth studio album, was released.

Joel performed 12 straight nights at the Garden in 2006, earning the distinction of "most consecutive performances by any artist." A sizable banner, which was later hoisted from the structure's rafters, was used by the arena to commemorate the historic occasion.

In honor of Billy Joel's 100th performance in 2018, former governor Andrew Cuomo declared July 18 to be "Billy Joel Day" in the state of New York. Joel was joined on stage by Bruce Springsteen for the historic performance. 

On October 20, Joel's residency's final 10 performances will get underway.

Billy Joel stopped boxing, why?

Joel once had a successful boxing career on Long Island, winning 22 of his 24 contests. Because he was constantly beaten up by neighborhood bullies, he had started taking boxing training. After breaking his nose in his 24th fight, he gave up boxing and turned to music.

How did Billy Joel incur such a financial loss?

One of the most well-liked concert acts continues to be the classic rock icon Billy Joel. The Piano Man often performs to packed houses during his tenure at Madison Square Garden and on his international tours.

Joel earns a good living from his live performances, but by refusing to sell one type of ticket, he loses more than $20,000 per event.