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How to lose fat fast and gain muscle


How to lose fat fast and gain muscle

How I managed to lose eight kilograms of fat in just eight weeks as a busy mother of two children, and the one dietary change that caused the weight to "fall off".

After experiencing low fitness while on maternity leave, a mother of two has shared how she managed to lose almost eight kilograms of fat in eight weeks, and how immediately reducing her carb intake made a difference.

How to lose fat fast and gain muscle


 Terri, a resident of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, decided to participate in the Body Fit Training fitness challenge because she was tired of her cycle of minimal exercise and "convenient" food. 


The 32-year-old dental assistant enrolled in the gym's eight-week challenge, which was created by elite strength and conditioning coach Cameron Falloon, who was also Princess Diana's personal trainer at the beginning of his career.

The HIIT, cardio, and strength hybrid program uses heart rate monitors to monitor participants' ability to adhere to class goals and is structured into progressive blocks to help gym-goers avoid burnout. 


 Terri recalled to FEMAIL, "So many times I'd find myself driving around with the kids [aged one and three] asleep in the car wondering what drive-thru I could go through to grab a treat.".

After this challenge, I realized that I didn't actually require a treat. If I had prepared my meals in advance, I would have a protein ball or a banana with me in the car.

I think it made a significant difference when I stopped doing it. "Another huge pitfall with young children is that you find yourself eating the leftover food off their plates."

Terri claimed that she was totally dedicated to the program from the start, meticulously following the suggested food plan, and refusing to smuggle in sweets or extra snacks. 

She eliminated sugar and processed meals, and fortunately, two years before to having children, she had successfully given up alcohol. 

7 Tips For Losing Fat While Gaining Muscle 

  1. TropeakaWeights should be hefty enough.

  2. Concentrate on full-body lifts.

  3. Train at intervals.

  4. Alter your exercise regimen every three to six weeks.

  5. Use BCAAs when working out.

  6. Don't restrict your calorie intake.

  7. Give the stress-reduction techniques that work for you first priority.

Is it feasible to simultaneously shed fat and build muscle?

Chavez asserts that it is possible to gain muscle while decreasing fat, a process known as body recomposition. According to Chavez and LaFelice, effective body recomposition depends on resistance exercise and protein intake.

The answer, according to Chavez, is eating at a maintenance calorie level or with a modest calorie deficit.

How long does it take to gain muscle and reduce fat?

Are you interested in learning how long it takes to lose fat and gain muscle? You are in the proper location. With regular training, you can typically see measurable muscular gains in as little as 6–8 weeks.

In the sluggish range, noticeable fat reduction can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.